Background: The Association for the Advancement of Family Planning (AAFP) is a national coalition of family planning (FP) advocates in Nigeria. It is formally registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission.

Membership: The association comprises of over 50 organizations including networks, development partner projects, non-governmental organization, Civil Society Organizations (CSO), government of Nigeria Ministries, Departments and Agencies, private sector etc. (see list attached)

Vision: A nation where every person has access to high-quality information and high-quality FP services as a right

Mission: A coalition of stakeholders advocating for increased access to high-quality information and services in Nigeria through improved social, political and financial commitment.

Goal: To increase access for FP in Nigeria

Objectives – To:

  1. establish a vibrant platform for family planning leadership and unify the voices of stakeholders in Nigeria
  2. ensure that all FP policies and programmes are adopted and implemented at all levels of government in line with international best practices and standards
  3. advocate and ensure that government at national, state/LGA create a permanent budget line and release of funds committed for family planning
  4. Promote the availability of appropriate and timely information on family planning to policymakers at all levels
  5. promote and ensure accountability of governments commitments to family planning related goals
  6. promote the availability of high quality FP services in Nigeria
  7. ensure through advocacy that family planning is recognized as a right in Nigeria

Major Activities:

  1. Advocacy to key policy and decision makers at the national level
  2. Family Planning information dissemination
  3. Organization and implementation of national family planning conferences in 2010 and 2012
  4. Development of the Resource for the Awareness of Population Impact on Development (RAPID)